Friday, August 23, 2013

Bout of Books Read-a-thon Update

(I must apologize. I didn't realize I was supposed to be writing daily updates and linking them to the Bout of Books website as part of the read-a-thon. Following are my Monday through Thursday updates.)

I spent three whole, glorious days this week reading.

Monday evening, I finished Michael Pollan’s Food Rules

and Winnie-the-Pooh.


(If you can believe it, this was my first time through this treasure.)
Tuesday, I read Murder on the Orient Express all day and nearly finished it, but kind of hit the wall.

Tuesday morning, I finished Murder on the Orient Express and began Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading.

Tuesday evening, we spent an hour or so without power. Let me tell you, there is NOTHING to do without electricity. I was shocked at how fidgety I was without the ability to read, cook supper, watch TV, or even go online. And without lights, we couldn’t even play a board game. Note to self: buy some candles. Or a lantern.

Wednesday, I returned to Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading and after a few pages, I finally admitted to myself this was not the book I’d expected, and I hadn’t enjoyed a page of it. I hate abandoning a book after getting so far (70+ pages plus a LONG introduction numbered in Roman numerals so as not to count in the page count—what’s up with that?), but I found the author so arrogant and the writing so boringly academic that I couldn’t go on. I had to cut my losses.
I’d planned on beginning My Life in France this week, but it didn’t feel right, so I went to my shelves in search of something lighthearted and adventurous. I chose The Wilder Life.

All in all, I’d hoped to finish more books, but my false start with Leave Me Alone set me back. Doubt I’ll finish another book this week, but I’ll keep going.

The read-a-thon was a success as far as I’m concerned. I finally read Winnie-the-Pooh, and I fell in love with that silly bear. I allowed myself to end a book I wasn’t enjoying; that’s personal growth. And I found that I could really love Agatha Christie mysteries.


  1. It's been so long since I read Winnie the Pooh, maybe I should look into rereading it! You're doing great! :)

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  2. I'm glad to hear you are having a successful readathon - only 2 days left! *sobs* Happy reading :)