Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 2015 Reading List

September and October have never done much for me, but for some reason, I have an affinity for November. Maybe because of Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), or maybe because by November I've accepted the fact that winter is coming and it's time to cozy in for a few months.

October was my Clean Up the TBR Month, so in November I get to read some new things that have been crowding my shelves. I realized too late that I have a lot of food-related memoirs this month. I guess I was kind of hungry when I put the list together. I've been saving my foodie-memoirs for a rainy day, and there's no rainier day than a November day. Here's the list:

Food Books
Driving Hungry
I love books that take me to other cultures, and this one takes us to Argentina, Germany, and New York.
Don't Sing at the Table
I really enjoyed Trigiani's cookbook with her sisters several years ago, so I've been saving this one for the right time.
Tender at the Bone
A re-read. One of the first food memoirs I ever read.

Political Books
About the "missing" Kennedy daughter, institutionalized after a failed lobotomy.
The Residence
I love White House books.

The Last Season
I love books about baseball and stories about fathers. This one includes both.

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating
A book about snail-watching.

The Art of Losing
A collection of poems about death and grieving.

A Light in the Attic
The second in the Mitford series.

Humans of New York: Stories
I loved Humans of New York, and Stanton must have been listening when I said I'd love more stories behind the photos.


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