Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (non-book websites)

This week's topic: Ten websites I love that aren't about books.

Each week I check/use dozens of blogs and websites, and I can only think of nine of them that aren't about books!

In no particular order, some of my favorite timewasters:

1. eBay
This is where I buy antique photo portraits for my collection.

Where I read The Bible and Science and Health online.

If you don't know Pumpkin, you should. (Soon to be a book.)

I'm unsure how I ever happened upon their site, but I've been following their ultra-conservative family for years.

This family has just adopted their tenth child from China (they had four of their own, too). Her photos of the children are beautiful. 

A video blog of a family living in Kansas City. I heart Caleb.

Where I get lots of my recipes, plus Ree is just a happy uplifting soul.

An online antiques store. (I used to have a shop here.)

A good place to search for recipes, although I wish the site worked a little better.

I love their mahjong games.

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