Wednesday, January 25, 2017

29 2017 releases I'm excited for

My TBR runneth over, so it's time to put out another post about what I've added to it. Here are 29 new or soon-to-be-released titles that I can't wait to read.

With the presidential handover of power we recently witnessed, Bred Baier's Three Days in January is a timely account of Eisenhower's farewell address. Always looking for personal accounts of what the presidents were really like, I look forward to The President Will See You Now about President Reagan. Presidents and drama or scandal go hand-in-hand; Never Caught is about the Washingtons' search for their runaway slave. Jackie's Girl is by Jackie Kennedy's personal assistant. And The President's Kitchen Cabinet is about the black cooks throughout history who served the presidents.


Robert Klara, author of one of my favorite books, The Hidden White House--which touched off my affair with Truman and the White House--is back with another book, The Devil's Mercedes about Hitler's limousine in America. Also looking forward to Neither Snow Nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service.


One of my favorite things is movies about sports. That bleeds over to books, too. Fredrik Backman has a new book coming out this spring called Beartown about an amateur hockey team. Ed Henry (I love Ed Henry) has a book coming out about Jackie Robinson and faith called 42 Faith. And Dust Bowl Girls tells the story of girls' basketball in the early days.

Biography & Memoir

I'm very excited about Coretta Scott King's (Martin Luther King Jr.'s widow) new memoir, My Life, My Love, My Legacy which was released recently. And I'm beyond excited about Sally Bedell Smith's biography, Prince Charles (Bedell Smith is the author of Elizabeth the Queen one of my favorite biographies ever). Marilyn in Manhattan is about Marilyn Monroe's year of joy in New York. There's a new, short biography of Margaret Thatcher coming out that I'm excited about. And there's a biography coming out about Daphne du Maurier called Manderley Forever. And last but not least, Mr. Feeny (Boy Meets World, anyone?) has written his memoir, There I Go Again.


Having fallen in love with Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, I'm excited for another novel by Smith called My Italian Bulldozer. It seems quirky and plot-light which really appeals to me. And the author of Appleblossom the Possum (and Counting by 7s, which is still on my TBR list) is coming out with another children's book, Short.


Carlo Rovelli, who wrote Seven Brief Lessons in Physics, is back with Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity. Rise is the memoir of a mother and her children who build a house from the ground up. Word by Word is a memoir about the writing of dictionaries (how cool is that?).


My love affair with de-cluttering guru Peter Walsh continues with his new book Let It Go, a great title for a new year. I've seen Chasing Slow all over lately; I believe the author is a friend of Shauna Niequist's. And Bill O'Reilly is slipping in a book before his September release of the next (last?) installment in his Killing series, called Old School.


Yay, poetry! I've been meaning to read something by David Lehman for awhile now, so I think I'll start with his forthcoming Poems in the Manner Of... where he writes poems in the style of other poets. I recently picked up a copy of Poems That Make Grown Men Cry only to realize there is also a Poems That Make Crown Women Cry, the paperback of which will be released this year. And last but not least, Eat This Poem pairs poems about food with recipes. Win-win!

New in Paperback

Lastly, two books that I dithered over in hardcover are to be released in paperback soon: The Rainbow Comes and Goes and The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu.

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