Wednesday, July 12, 2017

11 nonfiction books I've added to my TBR

I've been on a nonfiction tear lately. So far this year, I've read equal amounts of fiction and nonfiction (30 books of each, with another 7 of poetry). I seem to be wanting more nonfiction, especially travel and adventure stories. Here's what I'm excited to read. 


Frederick Russell Burnham was a man who led a very adventurous life. I'd never heard of him, but I stumbled upon A Splendid Savage (new in paperback this spring), and I'm delighted.

I'm also really excited to read Charles Lindbergh's Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir of his flight over the Atlantic, The Spirit of St. Louis. Plus, bonus points for having a pink cover! There are very few books with pink covers.


Two books about Africa, specifically Rwanda: A Thousand Hills to Heaven and Land of a Thousand Hills. The first is a memoir of husband and wife who open a restaurant in Rwanda. The second is a memoir of an American woman who lived in Rwanda for 50 years.

Writing Memoir

Mike Perry has two books coming out this fall. Danger: Man Working is about writing.

The next (last?) in the Killing series by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, Killing England, is out in September.

Sons and Soldiers is the story of German Jews who fled Germany before WWII, then went back to fight them on the side of the U.S. 

The Last Castle is about the glorious Biltmore Estate.


And some straight-up "girl" memoirs: Notes from a Blue Bike (because I loved Tsh Oxenreider's recent At Home in the World), Give a Girl a Knife about a Midwesterner-cum-chef, and The Lucky Few about adoption.


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