Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Recap - Reading Subjects

I love how I always learn something while reading, and I love how books are seldom about one topic. We tell kids that reading is so important, that reading is knowledge, and that knowledge is power. But do we always believe it? So I sat down with my list of 2013 reads and listed the subjects discussed in them.  

Here is a list of the topics I explored through my reading this year.

9/11, the 1960s, adventure, Afghanistan, Afghanistan war, African-American poetry, Alabama, America’s independence from Britain, American ambassadors, Amish, animals, Arizona, attachment parenting, autism, being an astronaut’s wife, Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, the Bible, books, Boston, burns, the Bush administration, California, Catholic families, Catholicism, cats, charity, chefs, chess, child abuse, child trafficking, childhood & coming-of-age, China, Chinese pictographs, choral singing, Christianity, collecting, colonial life, Colorado, Condoleezza Rice, Connecticut, cooking, cooking apprenticeships, cooking for a large family, cooking Thanksgiving, Coonhound, Czechoslovakia, dancing, death, disabilities, divorce, dogs, downsizing, eating with family, England, estates, Ethiopia, evangelicals, faith, families, farming, fathers parenting daughters, favorite books, fiction, Florida, food poetry, France, French cooking, French food, French parenting, Gandhi, gender re-assignment, Germany, Great Britain, Greyhounds, grief, Hawaii, healthy eating, hiking, Hispanic-American, history of American Chinese food, Holocaust, home, home decorating, homeschooling, Hong Kong, humor, Illinois, Indian independence from the Crown, Indiana, inheritance, interstates, Iowa, Iran, Iraq war, Islam, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Italy, Jews, judges, Julia Child, the Kennedy assassination, the Kennedys, large families, Laura Ingalls Wilder, lawyers, Le Cordon Bleu, living abroad, love & romance, machinery, Maine, manor houses, mansions, Marie Osmond, marriage, Massachusetts, memoir, mental retardation, Michigan, Middle East, millionaires, Missouri, Montana, Mormons, Mother Teresa, mother/son relationship, murder mystery, Nazis, Nepal, New Jersey, New York, nonfiction, Norway, Obama administration, Ohio, Oklahoma, Olive Osmond, Oregon,  Pacific Coast Trail, palaces, parenting, Paris, Paul Harvey, Pearl Harbor, perfume, photography, pioneer life, poetry, poetry about dogs, poetry anthologies, political science, politics, polygamy, Prague, prairies, prayer, presidents, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, processed foods, projects, Puerto Rico, Queen Elizabeth II, radio, raising a large family, reading, restaurant kitchens, Revolutionary War, Ronald Reagan, the Royal Family, Russia (USSR), Secretaries of State, self-help, service animals, South Dakota, space race, Supreme Court justice, Sweden, terrorism, Tiffany’s, toddlers, traveling through 50 states, Tulsa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Utah, Vietnamese-American, Washington, Washington, D.C., wealth, weightlifting, Winnie-the-Pooh, Winston Churchill, Wisconsin, WMD, WWII, Yugoslavia.

So, what did you learn about this year?

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