Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Children's Book Review - The Mischievians, William Joyce

The Mischievians


William Joyce

Category: Children’s Picture Book

Synopsis: Ever wonder why you yawn or smell bad smells or lose one sock? The answer is Mischievians.

Rating: *** (3-star scale)

I’m telling you, I’ve long known William Joyce was a genius, and his newest book is proof. Not only is it imaginative, the illustrations are top notch. These are the quirky kind of illustrations you’d like to hang in your kid’s bedroom or playroom. Colorful, weird, and well-executed.

The book is basically a question and answer between children and a professor who knows that Mischievians are to blame for a lot of the things kids get blamed for, as well as other oddities of life. It’s encyclopedic in scope, and I think it’s good for older picture book readers, perhaps ages 6-8.

These illustrations are priceless. How can one human being have such a corner on creativity? It’s not fair.

I highly recommend.

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