Monday, January 25, 2016

What I'm reading this week (1/25/16)

Nearly to the end of January already. So far the weather hasn't been that bad for the north. We had one heavy snowfall, then a few days of below zero temps, but there hasn't been much since. Not like the storm set to hit the east coast. Tell me, why don't they name winter storms in the north and heartland? I've always wondered that.


Last week, I finished:

I'm still not quite sure what I thought of Crossing to Safety. Why are my feelings so noncommittal? Would I have raved about it had I been in a different mood? I'm unsure. I enjoyed the writing, but there was something about it that just didn't bowl me over.

Likewise with My Kitchen Year. I hate to admit not really caring for anything by Ruth Reichl, but this one was just too much recipe book and not enough memoir. I don't feel like the story, the recipes, and the photos ever really came together.

Millie's Book was about what you'd expect from a presidential dog's memoir. It's very dated (mid-90s) which I found endearing, but others might think just too old.

This week, I continue with:


Doesn't look like I'll finish Eighty Days in January as Goodman is a bit longwinded. It's a nice adventure, and it's been surprisingly easy to keep track of the two women and their journeys even though one is going east-to-west and the other west-to-east. Goodman gives a fair amount of historical asides that are interesting (I learned how America got its time zones), but seem to be there to fill out the story.

Next, I'll begin:

I know you likely can't read the cover, but this is the beautiful Penguin clothbound edition of Jane Eyre. Since I finished my January reading list so early, I get a whole "free" week to settle into this classic. Finally.

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