Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (historical events)

This week's topic: basically this week is all about the past or the future....spin it however you choose!

My topic: Historical events/sites (I've read about) that I’d like to travel back to.


Marie Curie’s laboratory (Madame Curie)
watching Seabiscuit race (Seabiscuit)
the Kennedy assassination (Mrs. Kennedy and Me)
one of Billy Graham’s first rallies (Just As I Am)
Julia Child at Le Cordon Bleu (My Life in France)
the never-ending ocean of Unbroken
the never-ending ice in The Kingdom of Ice
watching Babe Ruth play baseball (One Summer)
the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago (The Devil in the White City)
the unexplored Amazon in The River of Doubt

What would you like to travel back in time to see?

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