Monday, March 21, 2016

What I'm reading this week (3/21/16)

My hubby worked on Saturday, so I took a much-appreciated reading day.

Last week, I finished:

"Beautiful," "devastating," "one of the best books of the decade." Those are some of the words used to describe The Remains of the Day. And I'd have to say I pretty much agree. For several days, I was unsure what I thought of this character-study novel, but I think I've settled on something one tick down from devastating. It's worth the read.

She Walks in Beauty has been a wonderful nightly read. It's been fun thinking which poems I'd include in the various sections that Kennedy overlooks.

Last week, I began:

My current audio book is The Latehomecomer by Kao Kalia Yang. It's the memoir of a Hmong family's move from the refuge camps of Thailand to the wonders of America. I'm currently about one-third of the way through it, and little Kao, age 7, has just made it to America. This is a re-read to me and a book I think everyone should read to understand the life of a refuge and the Hmong culture.

I'm also re-reading The Duggars: 20 and Counting! With the recent Duggar scandal that destroyed their television show and set their viewers reeling, it's a little difficult for me to remember what I felt about the family in the early days. Am I trying to recapture those feelings? Have they even changed? I'm unsure. I think I'm re-reading this now to forgive the family who never claimed to be perfect.

This week, I continue with (or perhaps finish):

And it's official, my heart has been stolen by a little possum called Appleblossom. If you haven't read this book to your kids, go get a copy now.

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