Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What I've added to my TBR lately: The Animal Issue

Looking at the new additions to my TBR, trying to find some themes, I realized I had eight books about animals on the list, including books featuring dogs, cats, horses, elephants, skunks, sheep, and penguins. Instant blog list! So, if you're looking for a book with non-human characters, try one of these. I intend to. Someday.

War Animals

Elephant Company is about a soldier responsible for war elephants in Burma during World War II. This sounds like a great adventure story.

Sgt. Reckless is about a Korean War military horse. Reckless was awarded two Purple Hearts and was promoted to staff sergeant twice, the only animal in history to have been.

Washington Wags

I've read several books about the Secret Service thanks to the amazing former agent Clint Hill, but now there's a book about Secret Service dogs (with a forward by Hill, of course).

Bird's the Word

Every book blogger who's read The Penguin Lessons has loved it, so it's time for me to check it out. This is a memoir of a man's penguin friend, Juan Salvador.

Girl Vet

One of my favorite books of the year, for adult or children, was The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, and now the author has released a chapter book about Calpurnia's adventures as a girl vet (Skunked!), with another one due out next April (Counting Sheep).

Shake It Off

And then there's Shake Cats and Shake Puppies, the photographic follow-up books to Shake (featuring dogs).
 Have you read any of these? Let me know what's good.


  1. I love books about animals. Especially non-fiction so I see a bunch on here that I'm going to be adding to my list. Reckless in particular caught my eye.

    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

    1. So glad you found something, Kimberly! That one sounds especially good to me, too.

  2. Oh! I've never read any of them. The first several look especially interesting. Especially the one about Secret Service dogs. Thank you for sharing the list with us. :)

    1. I love reading about the Secret Service, so Secret Service Dogs really appeals to me, too!