Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2017 reading list

It's strange, the last couple months I've been reading as much as usual, but I still feel like I'm in a reading slump. I abandoned two books last month (plus a third that I had because I'd overreached). Everything I read feels a little bit blah. Plus, I've been dealing with a lot of headaches, which makes reading impossible. I'm praying all of this will clear up in June and I'll enjoy some summer reading. I'm excited about the June lineup, though I do worry it's a little ambitious.


I've heard that Fredrik Backman's (A Man Called Ove) newest book, Bear Town, is as well-written as usual, but has none of the frivolity of his previous work. That actually made me want to read it more. His books are fun, but they are somehow over-stimulating.

I'm finally taking Anne Bogel's advice and trying Louise Penny's Still Life, the first in a very long series of detective mysteries.


I want to read Killers of the Flower Moon while it is still new and my interest is at its peak.

Memoirs have long been my reading sweet spot, so I've chosen three for June: My Life with Bob (a book about books), Strangers Tend to Tell Me Things, and Four Seasons in Rome (by the author of All the Light We Cannot See).


I've been saving Philip Levine's The Last Shift and Sharon Olds' Odes for months until just the right time. This is it!


I follow The Dogist on Instagram, and I've had this book on my TBR shelf for months. His new puppy book will come out this year, so I need to read The Dogist before that.

And I'm excited to read the next Calpurnia Tate installment, Counting Sheep, as my June children's book.


There are a couple novels on my TBR that I just don't seem to be getting to, so I've decided to "read" them on audio: Be Frank with Me and Rules of Civility. I'm excited for both. (Plus, look how well they match!)

What do you plan to read this summer?



  1. So sorry to hear that you've been having a lot of headaches lately. I'll be interested to hear what you think of the Louise Penny book.

    1. After hearing so much about the books on Anne Bogel's podcast, I just had to try at least the first one. Have you read Still Life or any others in the series?

    2. I haven't read any of them (yet), partly because I've heard the series really doesn't hit its stride until the fourth book or so and I don't know if I'm willing to give it that much time.