Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Presidents' Day Reading Challenge

If you like presidential nonfiction, Cindie over at Nonfictionado is hosting a Presidents' Day Reaching Challenge. Read one book about/by a president, or other world leader, by Presidents' Day (February 17), and post a blog to it.

You bet I've linked up. I recently bought a stack of books, and three of the books would qualify. I have several others on my TBR pile, so who knows, maybe I'll go for extra credit and read two or three!
Click on the photo above for complete details.

Looking for a book for the challenge? Check out some of my reviews:
An American Life, Ronald Reagan
Elizabeth the Queen, Sally Bedell Smith
Rose Kennedy, Barbara A. Perry 
The Hidden White House, Robert Klara


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the challenge! I hope you enjoy it.

    The Hidden White House is now on my TBR pile, by the way. It sounds right up my alley :).

  2. Oh, I think you'll enjoy The Hidden White House! I think Klara skimmed over the controversial parts of Truman's presidency, but the book wasn't really about Truman, so I can forgive it.

    I'm reading Pat and Dick, and it's not something I'd necessarily recommend. They don't seem like very nice people, and there's really not enough in their marriage to make a book.

    Glad I stumbled upon your site. We should host a shared challenge, sometime! There aren't a lot of nonfiction-mostly bloggers out there.