Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (Why I'm a Reader)


This week’s topic: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader

1. Because I love to learn new things.

2. Because I need to check out every day for awhile and refuel.

3. Because books challenge me to think deeper, learn wider, and be better.

4. Because I like to learn about people. What they do. What they think. How they live.

5. Because I like to learn about other cultures and religions.

6. Because reading helps me grow as a person and solidify my own beliefs.

7. Because reading offers entertainment.

8. Because I have an interest in an array of topics (and I’d rather read than ask questions).

9. Because I want to know what others know.

10. Because reading helps me make small talk.


  1. I think checking out and refueling is so important for me. I called it escaping on my list, but I think I meant the same thing. (:

  2. Absolutely. I think it is the same. So often we're made to feel bad or guilty for needing that, though. How do other people cope, I wonder!!

  3. I love this ttt and seeing everyone's reasons for being a reader and blogger.
    Awesome list <3

    Here's our TTT
    Doris @ OABR

    1. I've had a blast looking at others' lists, too! I enjoyed the Owls' list.

  4. I'm totally with you on wanting to know what others know! I read a lot to understand people and other cultures and stuff. It's amazing what I've learnt! Here's my TTT!!

    1. I noticed after posting how many of my items had to do with learning. Ironically, I hated reading in school. Looking back, I think it was because I didn't feel like I was learning what I wanted to know from fiction. When I discovered nonfiction, I became a readaholic. Now I have so much catching up to do!