Thursday, April 24, 2014

Underwater Dogs, Seth Casteel

Underwater Dogs


Seth Casteel

Category: Photography; Dogs

Synopsis: Casteel presents his collection of photographs of dogs taken underwater.

Date finished: 22 March 2014       

Rating: ****

I had to check out what this book was all about. It combines two of my favorite things: dogs and photography. The photographs are one part hilarious, one part grotesque, and two parts heart. Dogs look pretty weird moving underwater, especially if they’re on a retrieval mission. Their eyes bulge, their mouths distort, and their teeth look downright terrifying. But their fur and ears look angelic. Who knew water was such a perfect filter for capturing a portrait of man’s best friend? Seth Casteel did. 

I would have preferred a bit more text, something to show the dog’s personality “on land.” And there are a couple full-spread shots where the action is happening right in the gutter—where the pages come together—and you can’t see the dog. This was a heinous oversight in a photography book, if you ask me.

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Fun for the whole family. There’s also an Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition.

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