Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coming Soon: Dinner: The Playbook (Aug. 26) 
I’m excited WAY in advance for Jenny Rosenstrach’s follow-up to her wonderful Dinner: A Love Story. Dinner: The Playbook is set to be released August 26.
If you’re unfamiliar with Jenny, Dinner: A Love Story, or her website of the same name, you have a couple of months to catch up. In short, though, Jenny and her husband made a commitment when their girls were small (they’re now tweens) to have family supper. They navigated the “plain food” stage, the picky eating common among children (actually, they’re not out of the woods yet) and they talk about what worked for them. They give sumptuous recipes and stories. They’re part foodie (there’s a lot of talk of Trader Joe’s and use of trendy, fancy-pants ingredients, and they seem completely unaware of anyone living west of New Englandespecially us folks in “flyover country”) and part normal parents with busy work schedules and sports practice, etc. The writing is intelligent, so even when I’m not interested in a particular dish, I enjoy reading the post. The photos are wonderful, too. Also, from time to time their girls give book reviews which are quite sophisticated.
If you haven’t read Dinner: A Love Story, give it a try. After all, you never know until you try it!
Here’s a link to Jenny’s announcement of the new book.

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