Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton

Humans of New York


Brandon Stanton

Category: Photography

Synopsis: Stanton travels through New York City’s boroughs taking portraits of its people.

Date finished: 9 February 2014

Rating: *****

I knew nothing of Stanton’s Facebook or Tumblr projects until this book. I was asked to order the book for the library, and being a portrait aficionado, I put a hold on it so I could be first to peruse it. I found this to be very similar to Dancers among Us, though, of course, a bit less posed. There is a graciousness and humanity present in both books that appeals to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. I especially loved the quotes and stories that accompanied the photos. I’ve long loved faces and what photographers can capture in portraits. I own hundreds of antique portraits, each a treasure because of the personality that comes through.

But it struck me, in a place the size of New York City, there are no average people. Everyone shows their personality in their clothing or hair or makeup or tattoos. With so many people teeming around you every day, you have to show your inside self on your outside self, or you’ll be swallowed up in the crowd. You’ll be nobody. I find this simultaneously fascinating and tragic.

Would someone please do a book like this set in the Midwest? Please.

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