Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Finds (Oct. 17)
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Three more this week.

The Lost Tribe of Coney Island sounds a little like a companion book to The Devil in the White City in that it's about a public spectacle and a sketchy perpetrator. It's the story of a Filipino tribe brought to Luna Park for public display. The man who brought them in was none to scrupulous.

On His Own Terms is the looooong biography of Nelson Rockefeller. I know next to nothing about the Rockefeller family, so this might be a good place to learn. It's set to be released Oct. 21.
In the spring and fall I'm always looking for something a little different, more visual, a different kind of story. Dispatches from the Drownings is that kind of book. It's written by a professor at my university, and it's part true, part false. He's compiled newspaper clippings about area drownings in the late 1800s and also written some of his own. When you read them, you have to look for clues as to which might be false. (A key is provided in the back.) Sounds interesting, right? This is especially interesting to me because it includes scores of actual photos taken by a Black River Falls, Wisconsin photographer. Both sides of my family have long roots in and around this city, so I just might stumble upon a long-lost relative!

What have you been excited to add to your list this week?


  1. Your finds look informative and thought provoking. Especially like the sound of 'Dispatches from the drownings'
    Here is my FF:

  2. Thanks. I think "Dispatches..." will be just the thing to shake up my autumn reading.

  3. Wow Dispatches from the drownings sounds like a fascinating read! Thanks for visiting my FF

    1. Might be a great Halloween read. Kinda creepy and morbid. :)