Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014 Recap

Well, November certainly came in like a lion. I don't remember the last time we had January snow and cold in early November. All of the first snow (5") melted last weekend with the 40-degree temperatures so we could do the winterizing we hadn't gotten to when the snow came...then it snowed again on Monday.
Much like the weather, my reading has been moody and unproductive. I finished only three books in November. Three. Books. Not since February 2013 have I accomplished so little.
But, I did participate in Nonfiction November this year. That was a blast. You can read my posts here, here, here, and here.
And the other day I wrote three reviews for books I read back in September, so now I'm only seven reviews behind. I WILL post all my reviews by the end of the year. Somehow.

What I read this month:



I did not finish:

There was really nothing wrong with this book other than the subject matter didn't particularly interest me. I thought it would be primarily or solely about President McKinley's assassination, but it was as much about the anarchy movement as anything. And while I appreciate historical context, there was too much of it here. I read about 100 pages. I have no complaints about the writing at all.
Looking to December:

I think my next book will be Serving Victoria. And I'm already a third of the way through Sarah's Style. I'm enjoying it.

I always take several days off around Christmas and the New Year. I look especially forward to them this year. I could use the rest. I haven't decided, though, if I should use that time to clean up the ole TBR list or use it to settle into a nice, long, chunkster. If I opt for the latter, this is the book I'll be curling up with:

How did your November reading go? What's on the horizon for December?


  1. I'll be interested to hear what you think about Serving Victoria as it's also on my TBR list. And--the second book in the Jane Smiley trilogy is scheduled to be out in May 2015! That's much sooner than I was expecting! I believe it will be called Early Warning.

    1. Thanks so much for the Early Warning early warning! I thought, too, we'd have to wait much longer.

      I'm in the middle of Serving Victoria right now, and I'm loving it. It's a nice, quiet read. Not flashy, but not dry. Well done.