Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Monday! (5/18/15)

It's Monday! is sponsored by Sheila at Book Journey.
Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. We had warm humid weather and some nice storms. I spent most of the weekend working on my book and garage sale set for the end of the month. The tables are rented, so there's no going back now! I have nine boxes of books to sell.
Last week I finished Dana Perino's And the Good News Is.... We have an odd amount of personality traits and personal history in common. That was a fun surprise. 
I'm still working my way through What the Dog Saw. Last week I listened to essays on homelessness, mammography and the search for weapons of mass destruction, dog training, and plagiarism, among other things. Even when the essay topics aren't particularly interesting, I'm fascinated.  
Still enjoying Novel Interiors. Haven't found an interior yet that captured my attention, though.
And I started Ellen Bass's Like a Beggar poetry collection last week. The poems I'd read by her in the past (that made me try this book) were about heterosexual love. Come to find out, she's now a lesbian. So, that was a surprise.

This week I'll start The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. I've been wanting to read something by McCullough for awhile now, and his new book seemed a good place to start.
What's on your agenda for the week?

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