Thursday, May 14, 2015

Splitting an Order, Ted Kooser

Splitting an Order

Ted Kooser

Category: Poetry
Date finished: 11 January 2015     

Rating: ****

I subscribe to a weekly poetry email by former poet laureate Ted Kooser, and I’ve long appreciated his simple poems (think William Stafford but even more humble!). Also, he’s from Nebraska, and I happen to love a man from Nebraska. So I have a soft spot for Ted Kooser’s poetry.

There’s nothing flashy in this collection, and in fact, writing this three months after reading the book, I can tell you that I don’t remember a single poem or image from it. Which would make one think it’s nor very good if not for the fact that some poets are mood poets. Some poets write poems so meek, you kind of forget their meanings. No one praises the wren for who it is or what it does, but it works hard whether you notice him or not. Ted Kooser is like a little brown wren who doesn’t care if you’re paying attention. I like that in a poet and in a collection of poetry.

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