Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What I've added to my TBR

I'm going through that long, long list of book titles I squirreled away for when I had time to check them out, and I'm finding some treasures. Also, I perused the "coming soon" books on Amazon, and I'm finding a lot to be excited about. Here's what I've added in the last couple of weeks...

I read a review of Black Rabbit Hall on someone's blog, and it intrigued me. I will forever want to read Rebecca for the first time again, and I'm hoping this one has a similar feeling.

After enjoying A Man Called Ove more than most everything I've read so far this year, I've added Backman's other books to my TBR. Britt-Marie Was Here will be out in May.


One of my favorite reading experiences was Clint Hill's Mrs. Kennedy and Me. I have his second book at home, waiting to be read, and now a third is coming out May 3. Five Presidents is about his days as Secret Service in five administrations.

Years (and years) ago, I discovered Catherine Newman's parenting essays on some parenting site that is likely long gone. I fell in love with her writing and her kids, Ben and Birdy. Her first book, Waiting for Birdy was a collection of some of those essays, and now she has a new book out, Catastrophic Happiness. Now, Newman and I are very different people, but I enjoy her writing so much, I've ordered a copy of the book.

I am seeing Lab Girl all over the place lately, and I'm intrigued. It's a memoir of a woman in the natural sciences.

I love Benny Williams' decorating books, and a new one, A House by the Sea, is due out in September.


I have yet to read 50 Paintings You Should Know for my Fill a Knowledge Gap reading challenge, but I've already added two more books from the series to my TBR: Impressionism and 50 Modern Artists You Should Know.


A friend once recommended Rob Lowe's autobiographies to me, and just recently I was watching American Pickers (love that show) when Mike Wolfe said he was reading Love Life, and it made him cry. If it makes Mike Wolfe, Mr. Rusty Gold, cry, AND it's recommended by a friend, I'm all in.

I've also been kind of interested in Drew Barrymore's autobio, Wildflower, since it came out. I think it would be fun on audio.

Poetry, poetry, and more poetry. Lately, I discovered David Orr's Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry and The Road Not Taken: Finding America in the Poem Everyone Loves and Almost Everyone Gets Wrong. Orr is the poetry columnist of the New York Times Book Review. My poetry preference is modern, and I've always thought Frost's "The Road Not Taken" made no sense and was therefore being misinterpreted. So I'm excited to read both of these short books.

I've read nothing by John Updike but a smattering of poems. Maybe some day I'll get to his novels, but for now I'd like to explore his poetry more in-depth.  

I discovered The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place on a friend's Goodreads list. (Hi Amy!) A passel of girls find the headmistress poisoned and try to disguise the murder. It's a Victorian murder farce for teens, and everything about that description sounds good to me!

It's no secret that I'm a Clementine fan, and now that the Clementine series has ended (though I'm only on book three), Sara Pennypacker is starting another series about a boy called Waylon. What's not to love?


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