Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The funnest books I read last year

It was a rough year. Ask anyone. Politics, terrorism, cop killings, protests, the absolute worst of humanity was on display. So I think it's appropriate to put up a little list of my favorite fun reads of last year to share my favorite escapes. Please share yours in the comments!

Bill Bryson nailed it with In a Sunburned Country, about his adventures in Australia. Hilarious and informative, this is now my favorite Bryson book, and it's going to take a lot to knock it off the top spot.
I find history the most fun thing to read about. I'm weird that way. I adored Dead Presidents. The focus here is more on the president and his memorial than on the "dead" part, although some of our former leaders have some truly interesting death stories. Another witty and informative read.
I find Jenny Rosenstrach's glimpses into motherhood, family life, and family dinner just wonderful. This one was a keeper. 
Dancing with Joy is a collection of poems about happiness, which sounds cheesy, but there's nothing cheesy here.
Oh my gosh did I love this book about Harry and Bess Truman's road-trip out east in the summer of 1953.
I'm new to comics and superheroes (super-heroines, I guess), but Ms. Marvel (vol. 1) surpassed my expectations of what a hero comic could be. I had a lot of fun with it.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal has a wonderfully different kind of brain. It's always positively pursuing odd connections between things and presenting them with wide-eyed wonder. This one didn't get nearly the love it deserved last year.

This adorable children's book was just the right mix of adventure and emotion and cuteness. I really, really liked it.

Please comment with your favorite fun or light reads and keep the good feelings going!

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