Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review - Mastering the Art of French Eating, Ann Mah

Mastering the Art of French Eating: Lessons in Food and Love from a Year in Paris


Ann Mah

Category: Nonfiction: Memoir; Food & Cooking; France; Living Abroad

Synopsis: Mah, the wife of an American diplomat in Paris, explores French dishes, their origins, and the people who make them.

Date finished: 12 November 2013

Rating: ***½

This book was the intersection of some of my favorite nonfiction topics: food, France, and living abroad.

I should have loved it.

I liked it, but I didn’t love it. The writing was fine, though formulaic. Each chapter featured a region of France and a dish from that region. Chapters started out with a few pages of memoir, followed by journalism-y accounts of the region and dish being featured, followed by a trip to that region to sample said dish, followed by a memoir-y recap, topped off with a recipe. This outline became very uninteresting very quickly.

Possible reasons I wasn’t enamored with this book:

  • I’m burned out on books about France and food.
  • The writing and set-up wasn’t dynamic enough to keep my attention (see above).
  • I’ve read too many books lately that were too similar (see below).

Although I liked Mah and found her cheerful and adventurous, I just found this book boring. I really wanted to like it more. It’s not that I didn’t learn anything, but I just felt sort of blah throughout. This isn’t a bad book, just not essential to the Francophile/foodie bookcase.

Would you recommend this to a friend?
I wouldn’t actively discourage it, but I might suggest some of the books below first.

You might also enjoy:
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