Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (2014 Releases)

This week’s Topic: Top Ten 2014 Releases I'm Dying To Read

Well, I haven’t figured out a good way of finding future releases, so I don’t have 10, but I’ve run unto five "to be released" that interest me.

Pat and Dick: The Nixons, An Intimate Portrait of a Marriage
Will Swift
Due out: January 7, 2014

I’m a sucker for glimpses into the life of political folks.

Twenty Poems to Bless Your Marriage: And One to Save It
Roger Housden
Due out: January 7, 2014

I’ve read several of the poetry collections Housden has put together. I might give this one a try.


My Life in Middlemarch
Rebecca Mead
Due out: January 28, 2014

I’ve never read Middlemarch, and likely won’t, but a book about the author’s attraction to another book intrigues me.


Growing Up Duggar: The Duggar Girls Share Their View of Life inside America’s Most Well-Known Super-Sized Family
Jana, Jill, Jessa, & Jinger Duggar
Due out: March 4, 2014

I love this family. No apologies.

The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra
Helen Rappaport
Due out: June 3, 2013

I remember reading something about the Romanov family years ago, and it fascinated me. I might try this one when it comes out.

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