Thursday, December 19, 2013

Children's Book Review - Big Plans, Bob Shea & Lane Smith

Big Plans


Bob Shea, Lane Smith (Ill.)

Category: Children’s Picture Book

Synopsis: This boy has big plans. Big Plans. BIG PLANS.

Rating: *** (3-star scale)

Oh my gosh, I almost died laughing!

This book perfectly encapsulates a child’s quirky imagination and big ideas. It has the heart and irreverence of Olivia, but I think Shea takes it up a notch. Everyone knows a little boy (or girl) just like this. Excitable, ambitious, zealous. Incorrigible. And probably right.

The font is sized according to each proclamation, and the yes-man bird who follows him around is always there for ego boosts—as if he needs them. This is one of those rare books that entertains on all age-levels. Parents will be delighted.

(The available preview pages on Amazon are no indication of how wonderful this book is.)

Hilarious, I’m telling you.

Would you recommend this to a friend?
Yes, yes, and YES.

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