Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (2/2/15)
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Last week I finished three books: Americans' Favorite Poems, Brown Girl Dreaming, and Yes Please. I enjoyed the first two very much. Yes Please left me wanting. I think I'll save it for my review, but I pretty much got out of it what I expected. It was fine, but suffice it to say Amy Poehler and I have nothing in common.

This week I'm reading Charlotte's Web. I haven't thought about this book since it was read to me in elementary school. I seem to remember that either Wilbur or Charlotte dies, and I remember being crushed. I can feel myself not wanting to give over to the story because I don't want to experience the sadness, but White is a good storyteller, and I'm reluctantly being sucked in.
I started In Cold Blood this weekend because I just couldn't wait. And I'm loving it so far. Capote is a master at setting the scene. I'm not much for true crime, but I figured I should read this classic. Is this the original "true crime" book, I wonder?
I also started the audio of Middlemarch this weekend. This one's going to take a little getting used to. Not only am I not very used to audiobooks, but the writing in Middlemarch is quite dense and verbose.
When I finish Charlotte's Web and In Cold Blood, I'll likely start Nora Webster.

What are you reading this week?


  1. And did you see that Brown Girl Dreaming won a Newbery Honor today? Very exciting!

    1. How wonderful! Thanks for letting me know the awards are out. I'll go check them.

  2. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on In Cold Blood. I finally picked up a copy, and I'm trying to find the right mood to start it!

    1. I'm reading it now, and oh my goodness is it good. I've never read anything by Capote (and maybe his fiction is different), but this is very well written, well detailed, and rather stunning.