Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Monday!
It's Monday! is sponsored by Sheila at Book Journey.
Plugging right along through February. February always seems like a whistle-stop month to me. I mean, it's small and unassuming and really, just another January--only shorter. But I've been enjoying the month so far. Mostly because the books I'm reading are taking my mind off the weather.
This week I finished In Cold Blood. My goodness. What a ride. It will definitely be on my Top Ten at the end of the year.

This week I'll be finishing Nora Webster. It's not quite as good as I was expecting. The writing is very utilitarian and plain, and some plot points aren't discussed at all. It's kind of strange, like I might have missed a couple chapters.
I also started By the Book last week. I like to have a book that I can pick up and put down in addition to my "main" read. This book is perfect for that. It's a series of interviews that first appeared in the New York Times Book Review in which various writers and other famous folks talk about what they read.
And I'm continuing with Middlemarch. I'm "reading" it on CD, and I'm officially 3/25 of the way through the book. I can tell you that it's likely not a book I could get through in book form, but I'm enjoying the story overall.

When I finish Nora Webster, I'll pick up either A Homemade Life or Coming Clean, both from my TBR.
What are you reading this week?


  1. I am listening to the audio of To Kill A Mockingbird. Love it!