Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The April Fools Trick I Played on My Husband

Around our house, my husband and I play tricks on each other frequently. We also leave love notes. We also thank each other for things a lot. Those three things make our home and marriage a lot of fun.

I spent all day Wednesday thinking of a good trick to play on him; I even Googled "best April Fools pranks" but only came up with stupid or mean ones. (I'm never going to put blue food coloring on his toothbrush, for instance.) And then it occurred to me that a pretty good joke would be to empty one room in our house completely. The best candidate for this was the bathroom. Ours is very small, but it still took three boxes to remove everything. (And when I say "everything" I'm talking everything but the light bulbs.)

Brian came home to this:

Actually, the joke was too good. He thought I was going a thorough cleaning (we were having guests for Easter, after all), but after looking around it did seem a bit too thorough. Knowing I'd blow it if I was around when he discovered the room, I had to wait awhile to come up behind him and say, "April Fools!"
Then he asked me for a towel.
When he got over the shock, he said it was the best prank I've ever done.
The joke was on me, however. Not only did I have to empty the room, I had to put everything back!

Play any April Fools Day pranks this year? Tell me about them!


  1. Carrie, this cracks. me. up. You and your husband sound like a lot of fun.

    1. Your prank reminds me of one we did to one of my teachers in college. Before he came to class, we all turned our desks around so that we were facing the wall instead of the door (there were about 25 people in the class). He was so flabbergasted when he walked in (but he was the type who loved a good joke!).

    2. That's a great prank!

      One of my best pranks ever on Brian was when I opened every drawer and cabinet door in the kitchen. It's visually spooky! He almost didn't want to enter the room.