Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Finds (June 13)

I just ran unto this fabulous feature called Friday Finds at Musings from a Bookmammal. It comes from MizB at Should be Reading. It's simple, you just share the books you've discovered during the week. And what a book week it's been for me! Just when I think the Book Shopping List is getting low and I'll never find another interesting book ever, ever again, it pours down books. Here's what I found this week:

Two books by authors I adore. Kathleen Flinn writes fabulous books about cooking and food (check out The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry and The Kitchen Counter Cooking School).
Deborah Rodriguez wrote the heartbreaking and beautiful Kabul Beauty School. This picks up where Kabul left off.
(Margarita Wednesdays came out this week, but Burnt Toast won't be out until August.)
I added Killing Kennedy to my Books to Buy list recently. I watch O'Reilly every night, and I love books about presidents, World War II, and American history, but for some reason I never picked up either Killing Lincoln or Killing Kennedy. But Killing Patton really intrigues me for some reason. Think I'll read Killing Kennedy soon. Killing Patton won't be out until September.

As a Christian Scientist, I tend to stay away from books about medicine/doctors/hospitals, but I recently read a glowing review of God's Hotel, and I'm curious. 
I added A Homemade Life because I adored reading Wizenberg's Delancey this week. 

Can't remember where I ran onto The Disappearing Spoon this week, but I read an excerpt, and it sounds fascinating--as does his follow-up book, The Violinist's Thumb.

I bought a copy of The Smartest Kids in the World for the library last semester, and it intrigued me then. I finally read an excerpt, and I think I might really like it.
I ran into Nothing to Envy on Sunlit Pages, and since it's so well-reviewed and since I love to read about other cultures, I added it to my TBR.
Whew. That's quite a list, isn't it? Something from most of my favorite topics: food & cooking, world cultures, history, quirky science.
Have you read any of these? Any recommendations for "read alikes"?


  1. Glad you found Friday Finds-I've skipped that meme from Miz B for a couple of weeks, but I usually participate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Her memes are dangerous--your TBR list may explode! :-)
    I have Burnt Toast, Delancey, and Nice Little Place on the North Side on my TBR list.
    I've read a couple of books by Amanda RIpley and have liked them, but for some reason Smartest Kids fell a little flat for me--but maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for it.
    God's Hotel and Homemade Life look intriguing--I'll have to check them out!

    1. I am thoroughly enjoying A Nice Little Place on the North Side. George Will has a good sense of humor, and I love Chicago and books about baseball. I was going to recommend it to you since you like books about sports.

      I'd worried about Smartest Kids being a little dull. Since I love books about other cultures, it intrigued me, but with so many other good possibilities, I'll probably let it slide for a bit.

      I've been reading your old posts, and my goodness do we have a lot in common. Not only what we read, but our other likes and dislikes!

  2. I've heard great things about The Disappearing Spoon, this is quite the list!

    1. Yes, quite the list. And just when I'd thought I'd hit a book discovery dry spell!

  3. Nothing to Envy is one of my favorite books. I love reading about other cultures too.

    1. That's great. I don't know how I missed this book when it came out. It seems perfect for me. Although I fear it could be a little depressing.