Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finds (June 27)
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I'm back this week sharing my list of intriguing books. Not as many this week as the last couple weeks, but still some books that excite me.

Okay, it's not the cover photo, I swear. It's not even tennis. I was reading Gretchen Rubin's blog, and she recently did a short series on good ole Andre and she praised the book so highly (she doesn't follow tennis either) that I have to read it. Yes, I'll do pretty much everything Gretchen Rubin says.

(And since I saw it there, I've read about it on two other sites!)

I've been debating whether I want to read this book for months. It's finally made it to a short list, but it might be bumped. Again. Has anyone read it? What did you think?

When this came out, I had zero interest in reading it. And I've not seen any of the TV series, either. But it's been showing up all over, and my curiosity is getting the better of me. (I'm an ad agency's poster child: if she sees the product often enough, she'll buy it.)

 Ever since finishing Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things, I've been looking for another fiction (gasp) book that intrigues me. I've looked at dozens of titles, and this is the only one that might be a contender. I'm VERY picky when it comes to fiction. It's got to be very well-written. What can you tell me about this one? Is it worth it?

I was nosing around Amy's (Sunlit Pages) Goodreads page (does anyone else feel like a stalker doing this kind of thing?), when I was reminded of Bomb. It intrigued me months ago, and then I sort of forgot about it. Upon being reminded, I checked it out from the library and started it right away.

Have I ever read anything by Updike? Do I have any interest in Updike? No and no, but I love a good biography, and this one seems pretty good judging by the excerpt I read. I imagine I'll find a lot of alcohol and adultery (he was a preeminent 20th-century author, was he not?), so I'm still debating if I'll read it or not.

I stumbled upon George Washington's Secret Six when it was panned on a book blog. The reviewer didn't like it, but it sounds right up my alley. I like short and sweet books that focus on a single event in history.



  1. Orange is the New Black is a surprisingly good book. The show is amazing on its own too, but it is much more dramatized than the book, as can be expected. I highly recommend both.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll likely never see the show, but I'll give the book a go. I love memoirs, and I've definitely never read one about female inmates.

  2. Hahaha, I'm an ad agency's poster child too - marketing WORKS on me. :) How did you like Quiet? I hear fantastic things about it.

    1. I really enjoyed Quiet. It's too bad that I was so late to the party though, because I really would have enjoyed discussing it with others who'd read it. As it is, the discussion has kind of been had. If you read it, let me know!