Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Finds (June 20)
Another great week of book sleuthing here at Other Women's Stories.
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 First up, some great books about food.

The Language of Food. Due out in September. I've not been able to find an excerpt, but it sounds right up my alley. Food and words. Yum!
I'm not exactly sure what The Third Plate is about. Is it about sustainable growing? The "eat local" movement? The restaurant business? All three? I'm unsure, but the excerpt appealed to me, and I LOVE the cover.  
The Neelys are back with their second cookbook Back Home with the Neelys. Have you ever watched their Food Network program? I haven't seen it for months, but I think they're a hoot. Folks said there were typos in the recipes in their first cookbook, so I avoided it. Haven't heard any similar issues with this book, though.

I'm not sure how I missed The Emerald Mile when it came out, but it sounds fabulous. It's about the fastest ride down the Grand Canyon. I'm not an extreme sports girl, but I sure like to read about them.

And now for a few biographies.
The Patriarch has been on my radar since it came out, but at 788 pages (not including the notes), I'm not sure I'll ever have the time or energy to tackle it. I read Rose Kennedy last year, and that may be enough Joe Kennedy for a lifetime anyway. Still, I'm intrigued, so it's back on the list.
Eisenhower: A Life is due out in September. This is interesting in that it's only 144 pages long. I find this sort of hard to believe, but I checked it out on the Viking website, and it's not that Amazon's made a typo. What could be better than a general/president biography condensed into 144 pages?
The Romanov Sisters, too, has been on my radar, but I had not committed to it. I was concerned about it being dry, but Kimberly at Turning the Pages assures readers it wasn't.

And to round things out, some history.
The Race Underground sounds like something I'd love. I love books that handle a single bit of history. This one is about the building of the Boston and New York subways.
The Devil in the White City appeals to me for much the same reason. I'm concerned about the mass murderer part of the book, though. Has anyone read it? Is it gruesome?
Has anyone read any of these?
Anything I should avoid? Anything I should put at the top of the TBR pile?


  1. I really, really liked Patriarch--I read pretty much everything about the Kennedys and I learned some new things in that book. It's long, but very worth it.
    I also LOVED Devil & the White City. I like reading true crime and I expected to be most interested in the murder portions (which are fairly graphic) but to my surprise I was completely fascinated by the whole World's Fair aspect!
    Race Underground sounds like something I would like.
    Great finds this week!

    1. Glad to hear The Patriarch is worth the length. I think I'll add both it and Devil in the White CIty to my short list of books to buy. I'm not partiularly interested in the murders, but the World's Fair plot fascinates me.