Thursday, August 7, 2014

50th Book

Let's talk about quantity for a moment...

I just finished my 50th book of the year. There was a time when I only dreamed of reading 50 books in a year, much less by early August. But in 2012, I somehow got through 55 books. And last year, I read 72. This year I'm hoping for 80 or 85. Perhaps I'll break the 100 mark in 2015.

How do I explain the uptick in reading? Several things.

1. I'm sure I read faster now than I did a few years ago. Whatever you do for several hours per day, you can't help but get better at.

2. I've gotten better at choosing books. I know my reading tastes better than I used to. I follow other blogs and read reviews to find new material. I seldom encounter a clunker anymore, and when I do, I know when to quit reading and move on.

3. I have learned how to challenge myself with new topics and fresh voices.

4. I blog. There's nothing like an audience to keep you on your toes!

5. I make reading a priority. I watch very little TV anymore, and I spend the time between supper and bedtime reading. Luckily, I have a very understanding husband!

I know 50 books isn't much to some bloggers. I'm in awe of the folks who read 150 or 200 (or more!) books in a year. How on earth do they do it? Will I ever be able to?

But until I become a reading savant, I'll just concentrate on one book at a time. And celebrate the milestones.

How many books do you average in a year? What's your top number?


  1. Well done! I'm like you and my yearly average has been all over the place--and indeed most years would just be an estimate. For a while I was averaging two books a week, but mostly it was only one per week. This year I decided to up the stakes and go for an even hundred. I'm currently about six books behind schedule. I do have some short ones coming up, but also several blockbusters so it will be very close.

    1. Good luck on reaching 100! I think I will someday.

      I try not to pay too much attention to quantity, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't keep close track of where I am, and how it compares to last year. I should probably do another post about quality--that has surpassed last year, too!

  2. Huzzah on reaching 50! I think that knowing yourself and your reading preferences can really make all the difference in the world.