Friday, August 29, 2014

Relish, Lucy Knisley

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

Lucy Knisley

Category: Graphic Memoir

Synopsis: Knisley presents her favorite food memories in graphic memoir form.

Date finished: 12 July 2014

Rating: ***

Yes, this is my first foray into graphic books. Yes, this review will likely sound like it.

While I don’t anticipate developing much interest in graphic novels, it was interesting to read a graphic memoir. I tend to have a strong connection to visual memories, and if I could draw, I might be tempted to create one of my own.

The graphics in this book, though, were quite simple and one-dimensional. It often came off more as a filled-in coloring book than a book for adults. (Did my ignorance show just then? I thought so.) So, the pictures kind of bored me. Although, I did appreciate not having to “read” the pictures for anything not in the text. I might have hit a little brain overload if I had.

So, the pictures felt kind of meh to me, and the food memories, too, seemed bland. Well, bland in a progressive liberal yuppy way. I’m just not into the counterculture scene when it comes to food. I don’t need an array of cheeses from Dean and Deluca at a get-together; I don’t need my cupcakes slathered with bacon and maple syrup, I just don’t. So, much of the food just made me roll my eyes. (Did my prejudice show just then?) I guess I’m just not edgy and hip enough for this sort of thing.

So, there wasn’t much left for me but concept, and I enjoyed the concept very much. A life in pictures makes sense to me, but much of the rest of this book didn’t appeal.

Would you recommend this to a friend?
I know many folks adore this book, so it depends on who the friend is.

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