Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Finds (Aug. 8)
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It's amazing how much good reading is out there. No matter how much I read, I'll never read everything I want to. Good thing that idea energizes instead of frustrates me!

Six little gems this week....

The Kingdom of Ice is a fascinating true story of an 1879 polar expedition that goes wrong. It was just released on Tuesday.
By now you know how much of a sucker I am for president's stories. The President Is a Sick Man is the story of President Grover Cleveland's secret surgery at sea (say that five times fast) and his steadfast denial of it. Yes, there's a whole book on that.

I'm not sure why Jacque Pepin's The Apprentice hasn't landed on my list before now, but I think it's time. I haven't read a French foodie memoir all year!
The First Family Detail is a collection of Secret Service stories about presidents and politicians, written by the man who broke the recent Secret Service prostitution scandal. I'm a little apprehensive about this one, as it seems quite sensational and perhaps spends more time exposing liberal than conservative politicians.

I loved Deborah Rodriguez's Kabul Beauty School so much, and I plan to devour her new memoir Margarita Wednesdays this month, but something tells me I just might love her fiction, too, so I've added The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul to my list.
Last week Bookmammal had The Shelf on her Friday Finds list, and I'm adding it to my list this week. I read a review prior to its release, and I was intrigued (I love a good project memoir), but I wonder if it will be too dry. Has anyone read it?
So, tell me, what have you added to your book pile this week?


  1. The President Is A Sick Man has been sitting on my kindle for ages, and I'm on the library hold list for First Family Detail. I still haven't gotten to The Shelf--hopefully soon! I'm also wondering if it will be a bit dry, but it may end up being one of those books that I don't read cover-to-cover, and instead just read selected parts. We'll see . . .

    1. Wow, it's amazing how similar our nonfiction tastes are!

      I keep stockpiling these president books (like The Pres Is a Sick Man), and I really need to get to them. Maybe I'll have to develop a presidential reads challenge or something.

  2. The subtitle of The Shelf - Adventures in Extreme Reading - sure caught my eye.

    I have two books by a French author this week, but fiction--although Lady L might turn out to be loosely based on his first wife.

    1. I've always wanted to do some odd reading challenge, but I don't know that I could choose a library shelf at random. Perhaps that's *too* extreme!