Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Finds (Aug. 22)
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I'm so excited about my finds this week. Lots of fun stuff from several genres. I want to read all the books right now!
My Drunk Kitchen came to my attention not long after putting up my Friday Finds post last week. Which led to me watching several of her You Tube videos. And this week I saw a blogger review the book. I have to be honest, I still have little idea what this book is going to be about. It's billed as a cooking parody, but I don't see parody in the videos so much as avant-garde tipsiness. I don't go near alcohol myself, so my interest in this book is strange. But I see it as a puzzle to solve. What is she trying to do, and how well does she do it? I've already ordered a copy.
My love for Sarah Richardson deserves its own post. But I'd do nothing but gush, so I'll summarize it here: I want to BE Sarah Richardson. No, you don't understand, I actually want to BE her. Her skill at decorating is kind of secondary. At any rate, I stumbled upon Sarah Style, to be released in November, and added it to my short list lickety-split.
Much of what we know about Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt comes to us from John Hay. Or so I'm told. I read an excerpt from All the Great Prizes, and I was sucked in, so onto the list it went.
At the end of September, there's a challenge to read and review one book by an author of color. (Read about it here.) If I participate, I'll be reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. It's the true story of a boy who builds a windmill for his African town.

First off, don't you just love the cover of Cinnamon and Gunpowder? I sure do. I read a review of this one on Estella's Revenge, and it intrigued me. In short, a female pirate captures a ship's chef and tells him she'll spare him as long as he creates a sumptuous meal each week.
Coming Clean is a memoir of growing up in a family of hoarders.
Bookmammal highly recommended Anna Quindlen's latest novel, Still Life with Bread Crumbs. I haven't read a Quindlen novel since One True Thing came out in the mid-1990s. Never much for fiction, I wasn't impressed. But her new novel sounds like a quiet character study, and that's more up my alley.

I don't know much about Kevin Young's poetry, but I loved his editing job in The Hungry Ear. If The Art of Losing: Poems of Grief and Healing is half as good as The Hungry Ear, I know I'll love it.  

And there you have it: nonfiction, fiction, memoir, poetry, cookbook (or not), decorating, history, and cultural. A diverse mix without even trying.

What's on your list?


  1. For what it's worth, I didn't really care for Quindlen's Object Lessons either--I believe it was one of her very first novels. I hope you enjoy Still Life!

    1. I can imagine that as she "matures" so does her writing. I'm excited to read it.

  2. Interesting that My Drunk Kitchen caught your attention. I haven't read (or seen the videos) it but I'd be interested in your thoughts on it.

    1. I think it'll be my next read. But then, I'm so far behind in posting reviews, even if I read it next, the review won't be up for a month! *sigh* You might enjoy her You Tube videos.