Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Finds (Sept. 5)
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I took last week off from Friday Finds. I was home, working on church stuff, reading, enjoying a nice five-day weekend. I came back refreshed and ready to face 11,000 students.
Lots of history and presidents this week. And a couple other oddballs.
I'm not sure what appeals to me about James Madison or John Quincy Adams (other than the portraits on the front). I guess I just had so much fun with The Destiny of the Republic last month that I'm on an unofficial mission to read a biography about each president.
The River of Doubt (about Teddy Roosevelt) was written by the author of The Destiny of the Republic, so I've added that to my list as well.
The Forgotten Founding Father is about Noah Webster, his service to the United States, and his obsession with creating a dictionary (I think). I've wanted to read about Noah Webster for awhile now, and this book looks fascinating.
Victoria: A Life is due out Oct. 23. It's a chunkster biography, but in the right hands, I think Victoria would be a great subject.

The George W. Bush biography of his father George H. W. Bush now has a name: 41: A Portrait of My Father. It's set to release Nov. 11.
Just found out there's a Bill Cosby biography set to release Sept. 16. I love me some Cosby, so I'm adding this to my list.
And I just found out Oprah has a book out now. Did you know? What I Know for Sure is a collection of her columns for O magazine. Now, I'm not a huge Oprah fan, but I can imagine the woman has some insights on life, so I anticipate a nice, quick, uplifting read.

What have you added to your TBR list this week?



  1. River Of Doubt is on my TBR list, as I also loved Destiny of a Republic.
    I love your idea about reading a biography of each president!

    1. It's a doable challenge--there are only 43 of them, after all--and if all of them could be as engaging as "Destiny..." I'd learn so much.

  2. The book about Victoria looks great - I had a book as a teenager which was a great biography about her life as a young queen and this is one of my favourite periods of history so it would be good to learn more about the reigning monarch. Here are my FF

    1. I adored "Elizabeth the Queen" SO much that I became interested in Queen Victoria, too. I just fear that biographies this long might be dry. Although, she lived a lot of life at a very interesting time, so hopefully not!