Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 Recap

My gosh, where did September go? What did I even do this month? Seems like the only thing I have to show for the month is nine books read. But there were some stellar reads (three five-star books), so I guess I won't feel too guilty. I read one novel, two cookbooks, one photojournalism book about what the world eats, a book of poetry, a book about the Revolutionary War, a Midwest foodie memoir, a book about a famous scientist, and a book about a 1880s voyage to discover the North Pole. In short, a little bit of everything.
I'm slowly catching up on reviews. As always, I'll leave you with one-word reviews.






Going into October, I'm reading:

So far, my only complaint about this book is that the font is so infinitesimal I'm going crazy trying to read it. I've tried my university and public libraries for a hardcover or large print edition to no avail. But my tired eyes aside, the book is very good. Larson is a master storyteller. And the story is creepy, creepy, creepy. A great October read.
In October I plan to clean up my TBR list by reading some of the books that have been on it the longest. Possible titles:

What September read was your favorite? 



  1. Oh my gosh--I remember reading Cheaper By The Dozen and it's sequel Belles On Their Toes back in high school. As an only child I was so intrigued by the idea of such a huge family! I loved those books back then--I wonder how they would stand up today?

    1. I read Cheaper by the Dozen last year, and I loved it, so I immediately bought Belles on Their Toes. It's been there waiting for the right time. Seldom has a book made me laugh out loud, but Cheaper sure did.