Monday, July 28, 2014

Fortunately, he reads

He did it! My eight-year-old grandson actually voluntarily turned off his video games and picked up a book. Not only that, he was so enthralled, he didn't put it down until he was finished.

Hoping this sort of thing would happen if he had books lying around, I bought him Fortunately, the Milk for Christmas. I didn't make a big deal about him reading it, didn't offer to read it with him, just told him I thought he might like the story.

And then it sat on his bookshelf for nearly six months until he picked it up.

This whole experience underscores three things for me:

1. Reading is relevant and fun, even in the video game generation.

2. If they have it, they might read it.

3. Books keep.

This has been a month of growth for him. At our house just a couple weeks ago, he learned to ride his bike in a single night. Now he rides like the wind.

And I am so blessed to have been a part of both things.

Does anyone have any ideas for other great books to add to his shelf?


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