Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Of Introverted Bulls

Do you ever have a dream at night that urges you to read a specific book? Working in a library, I spend my whole day ordering, organizing, thinking about, and reading books, so books are never far from my mind, even when I go home. On many occasions, I'll wake up thinking about a book.

Yesterday, I woke up with The Story of Ferdinand on my mind. I even saw the cover. This is strange because I've never read the book. I ordered a copy of it a couple years ago for our library, but that's my only encounter with it as far as I know. So I checked it out after work and read it.

Do you know the story? Ferdinand the bull is a shy guy. He prefers to spend his days in a pasture under a cork tree smelling the flowers and thinking. The other bulls are aggressive and vie for spots in a Spanish bull ring. When Ferdinand is scouted and placed in the ring, he does what makes him most comfortable, what makes him who he is, he sits down and ponders the flowers in the ladies' hats.

In short, Ferdinand is an introvert. And the world doesn't change him.

The funny thing about this reading experience is I was just finishing Quiet the day Ferdinand came to me in my dream. You know Quiet, right, the book by, about, and for introverts?

Fortuitous? Serendipitous? Prophetic?

Have you ever had an experience like this? Please share.

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