Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (80s & 90s sitcoms)

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This week’s topic: Let’s talk about other types of stories. Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows!

My Top Ten Favorite 1980s-1990s Sitcoms

I love sitcoms. I’ve seen every episode of an embarrassing number of them. See, before I was a reader, I was a watcher. But these days, sitcoms have done away with the laugh track and are way too into shock value instead of family values. I think the trend will wear itself out and reverse itself soon, though.

So, hop a ride in the The Wayback Machine, because they don’t make ’em like the used to.

10. Blossom
Yessirree. Mayim Bialik before Big Bang Theory. (Plus Joey Lawrence. Whoa!) She was funny and so smart. I wanted to be Blossom. Funny thing is, I look exactly like her in this picture.
9. Who’s the Boss?
I’d forgotten how good this show was. I think Tony Danza is wonderful. After the show he went on to become a high school teacher.

And for my brother: “Alyssa Milano, she’s hot and her name is a cookie!”

8. The Nanny (& Reba)
I know. I know! Possibly the most annoying voice/character in TV history, but I loved Fran Drescher. I mean, she actually got the millionaire Broadway producer in the end.

(I did have Reba in this slot, but when I double-checked air dates, it missed the 1990s by a couple years. I was obsessed with Reba when she was a “just” a country music singer. I didn’t want to like the show, but I really fell for it.)


7. Friends
No 90s list would be complete without Friends. Just sayin.

6. Boy Meets World
Those Savage boys are great, aren’t they? Fred was in The Wonder Years, and Ben grew up in Boy Meets World. And now the Disney Channel is continuing his and Topanga's television life with Girl Meets World.

5. The Cosby Show
Okay, 1980s television pretty much meant The Cosby Show to me. That episode where the family dances and lip syncs for the grandparents’ anniversary? Hilarious.  


4. Frasier
Talk about a phenomenal cast of unique characters! And for conservative Kelsey Grammer to play the most liberal man in a sitcom (well, short of Michael Gross in Family Ties)—truly spectacular.

3. Everybody Loves Raymond

I got a little burned out on this show because it’s always on, but it’s definitely still a favorite. Great acting.

2. Mad About You
One of the best sitcoms about young marriage ever produced. I just loved Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt together.

1. The King of Queens
But the best pairing in television history is that of Kevin James and Leah Remini. Hubs and I own the complete set (the DVDs come in an IPS truck complete with a pallet), and we have almost all of the dialogue memorized—though I’m forbidden from speaking it along with the episodes. No show was funnier or had more heart.

Some that would have made the list if I could have listed move than ten:
Night Court, Full House, Facts of Life, Just the Ten of Us, Murphy Brown, The Bob Newhart Show (2)

What are your favorite sitcoms? I’d love to know!


  1. Oh--I used to LOVE Mad About You! That show had such great writing. I miss it!

    1. I know! I wonder why it's not in syndication. When I think of couple chemistry, I think of Paul and Jamie Buchman.

  2. Topanga is my doppelganger! LOVED me some BMW. Have you watched Girl Meets World? I watched the pilot... It's a bit preachier than I remember BMW being, but Corey and Topanga make it worthwhile!

    1. I've toyed with buying the entire Boy Meets World series. It was a quality show. I haven't seen Girl Meets World. I think I'll check it out, though--if nothing else, to see those two together again!

  3. Great list, Frasier, Cosby, Who's The Boss...they sure don't make the series like they used to. Now I feel like watching all these :P

    My top ten

    1. Isn't that the truth! It makes me want to buy/hoard them all on DVD.

  4. Boy Meets World is probably my fav childhood show along with Full House. I'm a little scared to watch Girl Meets World.

    1. I didn't realize Boy Meets World was such a favorite. That makes me so happy! I think I'll check out Girl Meets World, but I know that Disney Channel sitcoms can often strike me as too much of a good thing, if you know what I mean.

  5. Sad confession time: I have never seen more than a couple episodes of any of these! My parents refused to pay cable and RARELY let me watch tv growing up. I remember hearing great things about a few of these from friends though.
    My TTT

    1. I watched a lot of sitcoms then, but I don't watch much TV at all now. Mostly news and old scifi movies with my husband. I couldn't even list 10 shows I watch currently. But I miss these old sitcoms.